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There’s lots more we’d like to be able to do with Amandla!, so we welcome offers of help from people with particular skills. For instance, do you have audio or video recording and editing skills that could help us move into multimedia? Could you help us fundraise? Are you a designer who could design t-shirts, images for our website, or illustrations for the magazine?  Email  Brian Ashley : .  We have very limited office space, so cannot offer traditional work experience.  Amandla! is a space for diverse opinions to engage in debate and critical analysis on the current situation in our country, the continent and the world. In addition to the magazine, Amandla! also runs regular public forums in Johannesburg and Cape Town. By giving a voice to progressive ideas, by sharing a wide range of views, by linking issues, campaigns and activists, and by letting people know how they can join with others to take action for change, the magazine contributes to the process of building movements that can struggle for a just South Africa and world. development of a more just and democratic world.

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