The rabbits of counter-revolution

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by Jared Sacks




To those of us that know revolution and understand the manner in which the composition of forces are repositioned and counter-hegemony is asserted by the revolutionary left, it is becoming increasingly clear that a new counter-revolutionary threat is upon us. For those who are not yet aware, this feature will demonstrate why the reappearance of that petit-bourgeois decadent-, The Rabbit, is the single most menacing threat to our National Democratic Revolution here in South Africa.

If one looks back in history, evidence of this threat surfaces here and there.

During the time of the Roman Empire, the elite attempted to use The Rabbit for food. However, these traitorous rhodents refused to be domesticated. With the help of pagan barbarians from the north, they would burrow out and maraud through the countryside attacking unsuspecting Roman Centurions. It is suspected by historians that these rabbits may possibly have lead to the downfall of the empire itself and the beginning of the Dark Ages.

Later on, French history talks of numerous famous battles between the Christian knight and The Rabbit. Such historic struggles with these killer rhodents have hence been immortalised on a façade at the Notre Dame de Paris. The artwork has thus become a symbol of the eternal fight between good and evil, between progress and societal atrophy, between revolution and fascism.

During Monty Python’s historical account of Knights of the Round Table and their quest for the Holy Grail, it is noticeable that an apparently harmless and even ‘cute’ rodent guards the entrance to the Cave of Caerbannog within which lies the directions to the grail. In this account, it is obvious that the grail represents the attainment of revolutionary consciousness by the forces of light, while all the obstacles in the way of the proto-revolutionary knights are various misguided and misled forms of bourgeoisie counter-revolutionary propaganda.


The Rabbit of Caerbannog, being the main pagan obstacle in the knights’ quest for the grail, therefore symbolises the final expression of counter-revolutionary ideas to preserve the feudal order.

With the help of secretive third forces, it seems that counter-revolutionary rabbits have now colonised South African politics as well. As the esteemed newspaper SAPA has recently exposed, a little petit-bourgeois furry white rabbit of death was the real cause of the violence at Lonmin mine during August of this year.

Had Commissioner Phiyega and her forces not infiltrated the reactionary criminal so-called “mineworkers” during their violent occupation and positioning of their armies on top of The Hill, had she not given her undercover agent the order to kill this rabbit of death (against the instructions of the Sangoma even!), the heroic police would have been left helpless in the face of dangerous traditional third force-funded weapons such as knobkerries, pangas, invisibility and invincibility.

And yet, in the aftermath of the violence win which 259 so-called miners killed their 34 ‘colleagues’ in cold blood, execution-style, it seems that some are attempting to resurrect the third furry force. Speaking at the memorial to the criminal so-called “workers,” Julius Malema invoked the name of the Rabbit of Caerbannog, thereby fuelling the counter-revolution once again and forcing our honourable ministers to flee to the safety of their respective churches under the watchful eye of Jesus and Dr. Reverend Pastor Brother Leader Zuma.

Malema knows well enough that rabbits have the power to turn the happy, peaceful and healthy mineworkers in South Africa away from Christian values of hard work, self-guilt, and against the hand that feeds them. It makes them think that they can be lazy, eat cake, and demand more than what is due to them. It makes them, God forbid, point fingers!

Now is not the time for pointing fingers! At this stage in the National Democratic Revolution, such a divisive act is as good as sending this country straight to the guillotine. And yet, Malema and his right wing friends just keep on pointing!

Under the guise of nationalisation and land redistribution, the forces of counter-revolution are once again on the advance aided by rodenteque third forces funded from abroad. This is a critical juncture for our revolution.

In the name of all those forces of good, of democracy, of God, of stability and order, we must support our beloved leader Zuma in his quest to steer us further towards the NDR and the bearded white man in the sky and away from viscous bloodsucking animals and their colonial masters seeking once again to enslave us.

Phambili ANC! Phambili!

Down with the rabbits of counter-revolution! Down!

Comrade Jared Sacks is a member of the Order of Anti-Rodent Revolutionaries as well as the ANC, SACP, YCL, ANCYL (the anti-Malema faction of course), COSATU and SANCO. He is ecstatic about the inevitable re-election Cde Zuma at Mangaung. He also believes it would be an honour for Cde Zuma to take his unborn daughter as his seventh wife.

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