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Amandla! is a bi-monthly magazine and website project that aims to promote discussion and debate towards a new left and anti-capitalist politics in South Africa and Southern Africa. Amandla! provides coverage and analysis of current political, economic, social processes, events and struggles from a radical perspective. It gives extensive coverage of the issues, activities and debates of South Africa’s social, labour movements and other popular organisations, giving the reader an in-depth insight into their challenges, struggles, programmes and strategies.
Amandla! Publishers aims to build an open non-sectarian space wherein perspectives on the left can be analysed, discussed and debated. Voices on the left are needed to comment on the current situation in our country, the continent and the world. Amandla! is a contribution to the creation of a wide platform for contesting public space, discourse and debate from rigorous and non-sectarian left perspectives Apart from needing a voice of the left commenting on the current situation, a major objective of Amandla! is to contribute to facilitate greater collaboration between broad sections of the left, activists and intellectuals from different traditions and regions of the country.

Help to sell Amandla

As an alternative publication, Amandla! depends on readers like you for its financial sustainability. Your support can enable Amandla! to continue its important work. If you, like us, believe that what we think and do makes a difference, why not get actively involved?  We always need people to sell and promote Amandla! at events all over the country – not just demonstrations and public meetings, but local festivals or cultural events, factory gates, campuses and street corners. You can also help make sure your local bookshop or newsagent stocks it. If you’re part of a campaigning group, and would like to sell Amandla! and keep a percentage of the cover price to help fund your group, just contact us to agree the terms. In all cases, email Brian Ashley  We also encourage you not only to read and help distribute Amandla! but also to help spread the word about the Amandla! and the Amandla! Website. Unlike the corporate press, our magazine is an unabashedly independent working class voice that is published by and for working people, and supported by contributions from workers – not corporate advertisers!

Become a subscriber

We also appeal to you to you to subscribe to the Amandla! magazine. Voices independent from both the state and vested financial interests are critical. Mainstream media in South Africa falls far short of representing the interests, conditions and struggles of the mass of ordinary people in our country. Scores of activists and working class communities have stories to tell about the middle class and politically centrist biases of the mainstream media. Rural communities are also painfully aware of the metropolitan bias of most of the media. South Africa’s mainstream media is out of step in many ways with the very public in whose interest it claims to serve. Given this reality, Amandla! is a proudly independent and alternative voice that was launched on 16 June 2007.. Since then more than twenty editions of high quality news, analysis and interviews have been produced. Subscriptions provide the base of support for Amandla! By subscribing to Amandla! you will be strengthening the vitality of an alternative to capitalist-dominated media in our society. Please follow the subscription links on our website to subscribe to Amandla! For your subscription to Amandla!, you will get excellent, accurate and insightful digest and analysis of political, economic, and social developments in our society from a plural left platform committed to social, gender, economic and ecological justice. The magazine is written by, and for activists in political, labour and popular organisations as well as progressive intellectuals at the universities and NGOs.

Invite collective members to speak

The members of the Amandla! Editorial Collective are happy to speak at meetings if time permits (editing is voluntary and the editors all have paid jobs elsewhere). The Collective members have different areas of expertise, but between them can cover a wide range of politics, including issues of left strategy and organisation. Email to request a speaker at your meeting, including both the content and expected audience.

Volunteer for Amandla

There’s lots more we’d like to be able to do with Amandla!, so we welcome offers of help from people with particular skills. For instance, do you have audio or video recording and editing skills that could help us move into multimedia? Could you help us fundraise? Are you a designer who could design t-shirts, images for our website, or illustrations for the magazine?  Email  Brian Ashley : .  We have very limited office space, so cannot offer traditional work experience.  Amandla! is a space for diverse opinions to engage in debate and critical analysis on the current situation in our country, the continent and the world. In addition to the magazine, Amandla! also runs regular public forums in Johannesburg and Cape Town. By giving a voice to progressive ideas, by sharing a wide range of views, by linking issues, campaigns and activists, and by letting people know how they can join with others to take action for change, the magazine contributes to the process of building movements that can struggle for a just South Africa and world. development of a more just and democratic world.

Write for Amandla

Amandla! is an alternative publication and it depends on readers like you for its financial sustainability. As well as reading it every 2 months, you can write, draw or photograph for it, help publicise it. In contrast to the mainstream media, Amandla1’s content comes directly from a of writers based in the alternative movements for radical social and environmental change.  Given our limited resources, we are unable to pay writers for their contributions, although that is our long-term aim. But we want to encourage new writing talent and are always open to receiving article proposals either for the magazine or the website.
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