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We also appeal to you to you to subscribe to the Amandla! magazine. Voices independent from both the state and vested financial interests are critical. Mainstream media in South Africa falls far short of representing the interests, conditions and struggles of the mass of ordinary people in our country. Scores of activists and working class communities have stories to tell about the middle class and politically centrist biases of the mainstream media. Rural communities are also painfully aware of the metropolitan bias of most of the media. South Africa’s mainstream media is out of step in many ways with the very public in whose interest it claims to serve. Given this reality, Amandla! is a proudly independent and alternative voice that was launched on 16 June 2007.. Since then more than twenty editions of high quality news, analysis and interviews have been produced. Subscriptions provide the base of support for Amandla! By subscribing to Amandla! you will be strengthening the vitality of an alternative to capitalist-dominated media in our society. Please follow the subscription links on our website to subscribe to Amandla! For your subscription to Amandla!, you will get excellent, accurate and insightful digest and analysis of political, economic, and social developments in our society from a plural left platform committed to social, gender, economic and ecological justice. The magazine is written by, and for activists in political, labour and popular organisations as well as progressive intellectuals at the universities and NGOs.

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