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bolivarian-civilian-militaryDrawing strength from pain, from this sad feeling of having been orphaned felt by all our people. The people that are today on the street, affectionately following our Comandante to honour him as he deserves. Drawing strength from that pain, we want to talk to this people, to the Abriles and Febreros.

We want to remember our Chavez together with the Bolivarian people, civilian and military. The Chavez of the struggle for independence from the Empire. The Chavez obeying the people. The irreverent Chavez who was part of a rebellious people. The critical and the self-critical. The Chavez able to invoke the dream of Latin American unity as it should be, socialist. Our Chavez is that of the “change of course”.

And we want to remind you to hold on to what we shouldn’t forget, what we have to defend and what to deepen. And the best tribute to him is to change everything that has to change.

National Independence

When neo-liberalism was imposed on our continent and in the country, from the uprisings of the Caracazo and 4 February there was born a union between the civilian and military people to search, find and fight in search of the second independence. But that popular union needed a name and a leadership, so the people became the Bolivarian people and gave birth to their leader, Chavez. And since then they have struggled to consolidate and deepen the first conquests of our definitive independence. Following that road is our first commitment.

Obeying the people

One of the things we learned over these long years of struggle of the Bolivarian process together with this people is that if Chavez was in command by obeying, we should not accept that a ruler disobeys the popular mandate. This is what the Comandante was thinking when on December 8 he asked that we support Nicolas Maduro as our candidate. Yes, he said, always accompanied by the people.

Irreverence and rebellion

Since the fight against the Empire and the oligarchy that never again will return to govern this land takes a road assured by irreverence and rebellion against the old capitalist powers, the construction of a united and independent Latin America cannot be achieved without irreverence, rebellion, criticism and self-criticism. This is another keynote of our Chavez.

With tears in our eyes and chests tight with emotion and pain, we accompany the man and we make our commitment to continue the work of building the independent homeland and a socialist Latin America.

Today we exercise our right to pain and sadness, we exercise our right to pay tribute. And also with the millions of compatriots who have taken to the streets of the country we are committed to fight for life.

Independence and socialist homeland

Long live Chavez, Carajo!

Marea Socialista

Caracas, March 6, 2013

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