Transational Capital Vs People’s Resistance

by Jun 20, 2012All Articles

We present for reading and download a Special English language edition for Rio + 20  called Trannational Capital Vs People’s Resistance.
Chapters included in this publication are
  1. – Towards a Systemic Response to Transnationalized Capital  by Gonzalo Berron and Brid Brennan
  2. – Curbing the Corporations. Who ? How ? When ? by  Susan George
  3. – Transnational Corporations by Alejandro Teitelbaum
  4. – Lex Mercatoria : New Global Corporate Law  by Juan Hernandez Zubizarreta
  5. – The Green Economy and Corporations by Lyda Fernanda Forero and Lucia Ortiz
  6. – Corporate Capture of the European Union by Olivier Hoedeman
  7. and many others.
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