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by Jared Sacks
As the world continues to go down the road of self-destruction, we, the enslaved humanoids of planet Earth, are slowly realising that we are at a crossroads in history. War, economic collapse, rampant militarism, and a political culture of fear is overshadowed by the environmental crisis. Cementing the hold of the 1% on our lives, global climate change is a deliberate strategy to undermine our liberation movement by killing off our most rebellious and most vulnerable.
Yet, 2011 was the year of the humanoid awakening against our enslavement and oppression at the hands of the 1%. From Tunisia to Greece to Chile to New York, we rose up to assert our collective humanity. 
It is important to note that there are two kinds of dictatorships. One is an overt dictatorship, such as that of Ben Ali and Mubarak in Tunisia and Egypt respectively. The other is liberal democracy. As British political philosopher David Icke explains, “that is the ultimate control, because people do not rebel against not being free when they think they are”. But it seems that even within liberal democracies, the masses are beginning to understand that they remain in chains.
Still, despite the tens of millions who took to the streets last year, very few of us have a rigorous analysis of who the 1% are and how an increasingly large number of the world’s elite are part of a hidden conspiracy to leave our planet in shambles after extracting all its resources and laying waste to the environment. Only those who have nothing to lose would dare risk destroying Earth as we know it, just to get at its raw materials.
An increased body of scholarly research suggests that there are two primary bloodlines that control our planet: The Rothschilds and the Windsor dynasties. What began within the construction and maintenance of the banking system oligarchy has spread to other areas of control, including government, manufacturing and technology. For instance, the prestigious Bush family line, when traced back, originates within the Windsor dynasty. In fact, it has been shown that 33 of the 44 US presidents are related to Charlemagne and England’s Edward III, both of whom are part of this bloodline. Only the gullible cry coincidence here.
More and more people, especially those involved in the Occupy movement are discovering the bloodlines’ explicit role in fermenting the recent financial crisis. Insurgent political theories about the so-called Illuminati conspiracy continue to gain credence because these protests have exposed the true nature of the 1%. More than just a metaphor, such concepts provide a clear and undeniable model to account for our geo-political malaise.
If we are prepared to follow this line of inquiry to its end, as I propose we must, one disturbing truth becomes clear: The Illuminati, the conspiratorial organisation that has controlled the world since at least the 18th century, is in fact a three-dimensional proxy group for the reptilian bloodline, a group of human-like reptoids from the constellation Draco in the lower fourth-dimension.
The Reptilians
This crucial information has been unearthed by numerous investigators over the past few years. Most prominently, Icke, has revealed through exhaustive interviews with Christine Fitzgerald, close friend of Diana of Wales, that the people’s princess was actually killed because she had discovered the truth about the Windsors dynasty: that they are actually shape-shifting reptoids involved in, amongst other things, the global drug trade. Likewise, hip hop revolutionary Tupac Shakur, who also discovered the truth behind the Reptilian Illuminati bloodlines, was assassinated by East Coast Reptilians connected to the villainous hip venture capitalist Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy / P Diddy / Diddy Dirty Money, etc. (Like the Devil in the Christian Bible, the reptoids trade in many names. A cultural overlap that bears more exhaustive study than permitted here).


And recently, despite rumours that have been going on for years, analyst Charlie Brooker finally exposed David Cameron as a paranormal lizard. Yet, the most conclusive evidence comes from this recent following photo of the Queen of England.
The South African context
However, one notable aspect that has been covered up until now, is the attempted take-over of South African politics by the local reptilian front group, the so-called  “Democratic Alliance”, headed by the pure-blooded Helen Zille. From 1994, when Mandela became South Africa’s first ‘black’ president, the reptilians had relinquished political control of the largest economy in Africa.
The ANC is controlled by a rival group of Grey Aliens, a cloned slave alien race which revolted against the oppressive regime of the Reptilians. When the ANC came to power and displaced the National Party (and cold-blooded reptilians such as Biko killer Jimmy Kruger), it created a crisis for the Reptilian Illuminati who have been losing their political foothold on the African continent, despite maintaining economic control. Helen Zille has been tasked to regain that political control and undermine Grey Alien attempts to build economic hegemony through BEE.
Blogger David Robert Lewis got it only half right with his Cosatusaurus Rex video. Tony Ehrenreich is a grey alien, not a reptilian shape-shifer, who is attempting to re-take the Western Cape using his well-known populist touch.
One might ask, what evidence there is of Zille’s real identity? While more evidence is emerging each and everyday, her reptilian features were first noticed years ago by South African cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro aka Zapiro. When I met with him over coffee a few weeks ago, he explained to me that while attending a cocktail party in Bishops Court only months before she ran for mayor, Zapiro mistakenly walked in on her as she was applying make-up in the guest toilet. “Her neck looked quite scaly and reminded me of the Japanese monster Godzilla. So it was only logical to come up with my well-known GodZille persona.” While he admitted that it could only release this revelation in the guise of satire, I have come clean with this information as a matter of public service.
More telling evidence has also emerged via public spats between leading ANC and DA politicians. Last year, ANC Spokesperson Jackson Mthembu whose everyday double-speak is a common Grey approach to governance, let slip a revealing comment about Helen Zille during the Khayelitsha toilet wars. While explaining how she doesn’t understand humans’ needs for toilets, he explained that her “thinking [was] not human.” Obviously, Zille would not understand resident’s desire for privacy when they take a shit. Reptilians, whose excrement is unrefined coal pellets, go deep underground to do their business. Again, we must call for further exposés into the otiose links between the ANC’s attempt to build coal burning plants and their attempt to undermine the Reptilian anti-coal agenda.
Here is some more evidence that emerged earlier last year at a Zille campaign rally:
Let me add that it has also become increasingly clear that the increasing use of Botox by the world elite is a simple way to hide the effects of reptilian shape-shifting to humanoid form. What Botox does in addition to hiding old age, is paralyse facial features and prevent sudden unintended shape-shifting from occurring during fiery political speeches. Botox was therefore the rational choice for Helen Zille who, according to her own defence, did not do it for superficial reasons. As this youtube video of former death-row inmate Aileen Wuornos shows quite clearly, the affects of shape-shifting can ruin ones political career!
Clearly, when well-known anti-elite crusaders such as Richard Pithouse begin to reveal that “even the most reptilian politicians feel the need to purse their scaly lips and smear a little spittle on the soft skin of the nearest baby,” one realises that we are reaching a tipping point in our galactic struggle.
Unity in struggle
Now more than ever, it is absolutely pertinent that we expose the nefarious cold-blooded cosmic conspiracy and write a “People’s History of the Reptilian Conspiracy.” While humans have been in rebellion against the 1% since the time of Adam and Eve, few are actually aware of what goes on behind the scenes amongst the global elite. Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring have shown us that global consciousness about the dominance of this secret elite is growing amongst the masses. We have footsoldiers at many of these protests spreading the word about the Reptilian Illuminati. It is our duty as those at the forefront of the struggle to conscientise the masses about the nature of the Reptilian agenda, which stretches from the halls of power into the micro-politics of everyday life.
In South Africa, however, very few people are aware of who our leaders are. Especially amongst the townships, people are more aware of ooTokoloshi (who are essentially harmless when you put bricks under your bed) than the real alien threat to humanity. We need to display the photographic and video evidence of Reptilians to township cadres so that they can educate their communities. We need this awareness to grow here and now, before it is too late. Without alternative sources of information it will be impossible to counter the constant propaganda and distortions of the mainstream media, itself a vassal of the reptilians.
We are running out of time. The planet is about to be destroyed. We must awaken from our slumber and wage one more final purifying intifada. John Carpenter’s prescient documentary ‘They Live’ can show us the way forward. If we are all to survive, the collective liberation of humanoids and the creation of horizontal relationships across human/Reptilian boundaries in autonomous communes is essential. Without a revolution on this basis, our future is the annihilation of the Earth as we know it.
Jared Sacks is an anti-facist and anti-replitile supremacy campaigner based in the ophidian stronghold of Cape town.
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