Amandla Issue 22 and 23

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Amandla Issue 22 and 23


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Two minutes to midnight NHI Green Paper: vital first step forward


Land reform Green Paper: not much food for thought
Letters to the editor


News briefs

Who’s really South Africa’s foreign policy ‘master’?
News briefs Gaza in siege: interview with Raji Sourani

Q &A

The crisis reloaded

Q & A with Pablo Solon The crisis comes home


Europe’s fall, South Africa’s crash
Economic freedom in our lifetime: a timely wake up call South African economy: the penny drops
Malema’s disciplinary: too soon to write the youth leader’s obituary The EU debt and the crisis

COP17: Conference of polluters?

The G20: hung by its own petard
Durban COP17: failures in the making China cannot save the world from the economic crisis
The triumph of King Coal: hardening our coal addiction

Arts & Culture

The climate change White Paper: The right colour for South Africa? Another Brick in the Wall: a short biography of the great struggle song
Carbon trading: licence to pollute What on Earth is World Music? Myth or Reality
Green capitalism: profiting from nature


Nukes to cost the earth Book reviews
The One Million Climate Jobs Campaign Film reviews
Trade and climate change

In focus

Against Shell’s fracking arguments Simphiwe Dana in brief
Another shale gas scandal – fracking the Quebec
Undermining Africa: Africa’s role in the global uranium economy
Indigenous people: a key to environmental rescue
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