A Discussion Of Systemic Challenges For A Just Transition Towards A Low Carbon Economy Authored | by Alexis Scholtz

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This paper is the third in a series of six briefing papers commissioned by the WWF-SA and is aimed at deepening the discussions needed to facilitate South Africa’s transformation to a low carbon economy.
The term “Just Transition” first surfaced in the late 90s when it became obvious that preservation of the ecosystem and resources, and employment are inextricably linked. The originator of the just transition concept, Canadian labour member Brian Kohler stated: “The real choice is not jobs or environment. It is both or neither.” (Kohler, 1996 in ILO, 2010)
Contents: 1 Introduction: a new developmental approach for South Africa; 2 What’s wrong with “growth”? ; 3 A ‘Just Transition’ and ‘economic democracy’ –clarifying the terms ; 3.1 Just Transition; 3.2 Economic Democracy;  4 What does a low carbon economy mean for labour?; 5 The systemic challenges of a just transition ; 6 The Developmental State – a possible economic model to support a Just Transition ; 7 Enabling strategies and or conditions for a Just Transition ; 8 Challenges for a Just Transition ; 9 In conclusion: measuring the success of a Just Transition.
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