Zuma Lays Into Land Reform and “Tenderpreneurship”

by Sep 21, 2010All Articles

By Nickolaus Bauer

At his opening speech at the ANC National General Council, President Jacob Zuma has criticised land reform and warned against the tender process destroying the ANC.

President Jacob Zuma had harsh words for the current land reform process and so called “tenderpresneurship” within his party this morning.

Making his opening speech at the party’s national General Conference meeting in Durban, Zuma said the willing buyer-willing seller approach to land acquisition has constrained the pace and efficiency of land reform.

“Current approaches to land reform have not been moving as fast as desirable,” he said.

A comprehensive rural development programme had been put in place and a pilot programme had been rolled out in eight provinces.

“Our target is to redistribute 30% of agricultural land before 2014, accompanied by support programmes for the poor, farm workers and small farmers.” Zuma also noted the need to eradicate corruption and the perception of corruption in the country.

“Basically we must not allow tenders to destroy the ANC,” he said.

Zuma also intimated that government could centralise major contracts to combat corruption & fine firms which get business illegally.

Source: http://www.businessday.co.za/

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