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Government officials must be forced by law to use public services

What is good enough for us, should be good enough for you

Johannesburg, South Africa, 06 September 2012-September National
Imbizo, SNI, will be going on a protest march on the 12th of September
2012 to parliament in Cape Town. The main objective of this protest is
to deliver a document titled the People’s Manifesto.

SNI will be conducting the protest under the theme “Do it for Andries
Tatane”. This will be done to honour the memory of the Ficksburg
protester who was brutally murdered by the state police. Andries died
in a struggle for water, a commodity of utmost importance for the
existence of every life form. This man’s tragic death has made him a
symbol of resistance for the SNI and the manifesto is the tool that
will be used to fight the injustices suffered under the current

The basic idea behind the People’s Manifesto is government officials
and public servants must use the same public services that they
legislate for us, the majority. With this call, the manifesto asks, If
politicians and public servants refuse to use the services they say
are good enough for the majority of us, then who exactly are they

The manifesto comes as a response to the current state of government
characterized by endless corruption, poor service delivery, protest
and party squabbles that divert attention away from the real issues
and the problems faced by ordinary South Africans. This manifesto
offers a practical solution aimed at addressing the inequalities in
our society when it comes to basic services.

During elections, politicians will claim to be servants of the people,
the People’s Manifesto then demands that these servants should act and
live like servants. Society should bring to an end this culture of
self enrichment in our politics and people going into the public
sphere for what looks like easy money and short cut to buying ones
self out of the horrible sub-standard public services.

The People’s Manifesto makes two demands of government officials which are:

1.They should expect and demand no better for themselves than the
conditions that they expect the people to live under.

2.They Should not accumulate personal wealth by exploiting their
political positions

As this document addresses concerns of ordinary people, September
National Imbizo calls for all South Africans to rally behind it and
demand what they are entitled to.


The September National Imbizo (SNI) is a PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT. It is a
national voluntary movement of like minded people who wish to bring
about a new society where all are taken care of for real. This means
the SNI is not a political party, but a revolutionary movement that
wants total change for our people in all areas of life, from how we
are governed (politics), to the use of our natural resources and
wealth (economy) to relations amongst people (social). This change
must put BLACKS FIRST and not benefit a new political elite and white

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