SADTU Says There is No New Offer and Accuses Government of Spin Doctoring

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24 August 2010

The latest statement issued by Government stating that in “real terms” government is offering public service unions an 8,5% increase, is pure misinformation aimed at causing confusion.

The Government has added the Pay Progression – an old and hard fought gain by the Unions – on to the 7% salary increase offer to claim this 8,5% increase. The Government must explain to the public and workers that, the general salary increase for 2010/2011 is only 7% as contained in the draft agreement. Labour is demanding a general salary increase of 8.6%. 

The pay progression which is 1% for teachers and 1,5% for other public service employees, has been in place since the signing of Collective Agreement No 8 of 2003. It is also not automatic as workers first have to undergo performance evaluation before they are awarded the increase. 

We would like to state categorically that the Government’s offer at the Bargaining Council is a 7% general salary increase, R 700 housing allowance and 1 July as the implementation date.  

We urge the employer to refrain from confusing the public through this misinformation. This wage impasse will not be solved by misinformation but by parties concerned working together in good faith.

We demand that SABC News apologise for broadcasting inaccurate news to the public. The public broadcaster must, at all material times, provide the public with accurate information and not allow itself to be used by government to spin.

Nomusa Cembi, SADTU Spokesperson

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