NHI would never work in South Africa

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The Times :
June 20, 2009
There is no way a National Health Insurance system can serve the needs of South Africans, because those running this country don’t know how to devise and implement one; “Equal access to ALL hospitals” (June 14). — Vernon Edwards, Cape Town
Consultants will be hired and the stealing of money will commence, just like in the arms deal. I absolutely refuse to register with a gatekeeper primary healthcare giver and have some government-appointed idiot tell me or my family where and who I should consult. I have rights under the constitution and I can, within the law, do as I please and consult who I please with my money.

We are already heavily taxed and burdened by medical aid costs and now we are expected to hand out more money. Where are we supposed to get this money? I will most definitely close my business and leave the country if my right to medical care of my choice is prejudiced in any way.

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