Invitation: Peoples’ Summit on Climate Change

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Where are we BASICally going? : Perspectives on national and global priorities in combating climate change

Date: Monday 26 April 2010
Venue: Community House, 41 Salt River Road, Woodstock, Cape Town                              
Time: 09:00 – 14:00     

No RSVP required

The BASIC countries – Brazil, South Africa, India and China – played a key role in the doomed international negotiations
on climate change at the end 2009 helping to craft an outcome called the Copenhagen Accord. The Accord, and their part
in it, has been viewed critically by those who see it as pushing a small set of interests and for undermining the
UN process. Since then, BASIC met in India to discuss their common agenda, whilst the Accord is being pushed by developed
countries and the UN talks struggle to get back on track. Using the occasion of their second meeting in Cape Town, South
Africa from 24- 27 April and given their growing significance in the world economy and in global governance, we gather to
share information, raise awareness and encourage debate on our most pressing issues and concerns on climate change. This
meeting is part of a broader goal in developing common positions ahead of the UN COP16 in Mexico this year and the
UN COP17 in South Africa in 2011.

In particular we want to address:
•What role do we see for the BASIC countries in developing international policy on climate change?

•What are our demands to the South African government and BASIC in addressing climate change and how
can we engage and influence them?

•What is real climate justice and how are other forums like the Bolivian Mother Earth Conference
dealing with this issue?


09:00       Arrival, registration & tea
9:30         Welcome – Understanding the basics of climate change           
10:00       BASIC: A panel discussion and video messages
– Climate change and energy: Addressing coal loans, new nuclear and tariff increases
– Climate change and water: Dealing with access to water, shortages, and rising sea levels
– Climate change & food security: Debating sustainability versus commerce
12:30       Bolivia Mother Earth Conference: A report back on approaches to climate justice and
activities towards COP16 in Mexico
13:00         Media briefing – Statement on the Copenhagen Accord
13:15       Lunch

This event is hosted and supported by the following organizations and networks: Environmental Monitoring Group,
Earthlife Africa, Institute for Security Studies, Alternative Information Development Centre, Coalition for
Environmental Justice, Climate Justice Now! South Africa, Institute for Zero Waste


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