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World Cup for All – Phansi Thiefa
Durban Social Forum demands real development, not more elite profits

Durban Social Forum which consists of a number of civil society organisations will march peacefully on 16 June 2010 to highlight our many long outstanding grievances, especially those of the youth. Even though there is danger of human trafficking and child prostitution during the World Cup, schools are closed and alcohol consumption
encouraged. South Africa’s youth need the best education and real prospects, not prostitution, not army call-ups. Our youth also demand delivery to the people, not to elites and multinational corporations like Feefa.

We are always willing to discuss our issues with government but we are inevitably ignored. It is important to expose these matters to the entire world. South Africa can build some of the best stadiums in the world; proving that all other delivery can and must also be accomplished within a minimum timeframe. The R40 billion Government has spent on the World Cup could have comfortably housed over 3 million homeless South Africans. Street traders, subsistence fisherfolk, artists and local businesses must not be denied their rights.

Vulnerable children, traders, the poor, the homeless, shackdwellers, refugees and others are removed so tourists won’t see them. Police are redeployed from normal duties to devote service almost exclusively to THIEFA. The needs of ALL South Africans have been negatively impacted in the long term by this mega-event – the debts and opportunity cost overwhelm any tourist revenue. Our government has sold its citizens out for a gigantic, short-term publicity stunt and we must not let them forget their responsibilities.

Soccer will not make a better life for all – it will only make the rich richer and the poor poorer! The ANC have not given a World Cup for All but again chose to deliver to the rich instead of the poor. South Africa is the most unequal country in the world but the World Cup is not going to solve this problem. While elites hide the realities and falsely claim that spending public funds on the World Cup will lead to development – they are the only ones allowed to profit. We must confront the real problems that the majority experience every day of their lives.


DSF urges all communities to join us and voice their concerns. We ask all communities to send a message of support for this campaign together with their concerns and demands. We want written assurances from government of when they will live up to their commitments and duties to all the peoples of South Africa. Please join our endeavour to rather serve the least well off in our society. Please pass on this message to as many interested people as possible.
13 June 2010

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