Crisis of Civilisation Conference

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explosion websiteThe Cape Town-based Alternative Information and Development Centre (AIDC), together with the Peoples Dialogue will be hosting a Crisis of Civilisation Conference from the 18th – 20th October 2010 at the Heia Safari Ranch, north of Johannesburg.

The conference will deal with the multidimensional crises where the food and energy crises intersect with the global economic and ecological crises, and the interrelated stresses placed on local and global communities.

This important conference is co-facilitated with the People’s Dialogue, a network of South-South organisations with a strong base in the indigenous and peasant movements of Latin America and in peasant and social movements in Southern Africa. AIDC and the People’s Dialogue are focusing on developing perspectives and strategies for alternatives. The conference will create a space critical for the engagement of social movement activists from Southern Africa and their counterparts in Latin America. The conference aims to facilitate promoting alternative visions of a socially-just, post-carbon economy.

Please see the conference statement including information of conference spokespersons and contact details.

See biographies of some of the speakers that will be presenting at the conference.

For further information contact or call +27 21 447 5770 (Cape Town, South Africa).

If you would like to link to our website updates of the conference or would like information to place on your website please contact

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