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02 | We face a deepening crisis

03 | Letters to the editor

News briefs
05 | News briefs

07 | Braelyn Extension: a community in crisis

Q & A

08 | Q & A with Ronnie Kasrils

Unemployment: who’s to blame?
11 | ‘Our dignity is being crushed’ – through the eyes of the unemployed

12 | Fighting for our right to work: organising the unemployed in South Africa

14 | Explaining South Africa’s unemployment crisis

15 | Adcorp: no friend of the workers

16 | The unemployment insurance scandal

17 | The employment guarantee scheme in India

19 | The right to work and a road to full employment


21 | The Arms Deal unravels

23 | A living solidarity: students and workers

25 | Cosatu’s job strategy: interview with Chris Malikane, Cosatu’s economic policy head


28 | The ‘liberal’ swear word Africa

29 | Zimbabwe: united we stand …?

31 | Swaziland: money in the king’s pocket International

33 | The protest wave: why the political class can’t understand our demands

34 | Walmart in Mexico: a blueprint for South Africa?

36 | The collapse of the Irish economy

38 | A people’s future for Europe Arts & Culture

39 | The Unlikely Secret Agent

40 | Imam and I: story of a brave antiapartheid cleric


41 | Film reviews

42 | Book reviews

In Focus

44 | A’ figh’ng an a strug’ling: Linton Kwesi Johnson in Focus

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