Brief: Critical Thinking Forum in Johannesburg

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critical_forums_advertFerial Haffajee asks if we, South Africa, are moving closer towards tyranny. Zimbabwe, she warns, took three years before journalists and newspapers were hounded into submission, or folded. Ferial was one of a panel of four at the Amandla/AIDC and Mail/Guardian Critical Thinking Forum held on 11 August at the Atlas Studios in Johannesburg.

Also on the panel was ANC spokesperson, Jackson Mthembu, Professor Anton Harber (founding editor of the Mail and Guardian and media professor at Wits University), and Mark Weinberg from the AIDC. The panel was moderated by current Mail and Guardian editor, Nic Dawes.  200 media workers, academics and interested people attended this event, and many present felt that it ended too soon, and that more spaces like this should be facilitated so that media workers can begin to address the issues of diversity and transformation in their sector.

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